Dance and art: choreographer Sasha Waltz

Sasha Waltz is one of Europe’s most famous choreographers. Her pieces are a combination of dance and art and always surprise audiences.

Her choreographies also deal with complex social themes, but always in a very aesthetic manner. And she does not just work with dancers either: the dialogue with other art forms particularly interests her too.

Dance and art, expression and message: Sasha Waltz’s choreography experiments with many diverse themes and media. She’s especially fascinated by live music. Her production of “Dido & Aeneas” in 2005 created a whole new genre: choreographic opera. From Purcell’s Baroque to the modernism of Berlioz or Stravinsky, Sasha Waltz’s dance-cosmos knows no boundaries. She has worked with the French composer Pascal Dusapin twice, on “Medea” and “Passion,” and created “Matsukaze” with Japan’s Toshio Hosokawa. This film portrait by Brigitte Kramer follows the internationally acclaimed choreographer over a decade and takes a look behind the scenes in her life. A testimony to her great creativity, it has a front-row seat when Waltz develops new pieces.

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