Jewels by Staatsballett Berlin

According to legend, it must have been a dark winter day in the late 1960s, on which George Balanchine was swept away by sparkling jewelry, which he saw in a shop window on New York’s fancy 5th Avenue. And what did the successful choreographer do? Rather than simply to buy the beautiful diamonds, rubies, and… Continue reading Jewels by Staatsballett Berlin

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The making of ‘Jewels’

George Balanchine loved women, they dominate most of his choreographies, also “Jewels”. The virtues of his ideal dancers are strength, speed, precision, and balance. “Jewels” showcases these virtues spectacularly and celebrates them in the form of a parade of beauty. Balanchine’s probably most famous quote is: “Ballet is a woman”. Patricia Neary, who performed in… Continue reading The making of ‘Jewels’

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