Maurice Béjart – Psyché Rock (1967)

Mass for the present time is a suite of dances composed by Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier, custom Maurice Béjart for his choreography of the same name, at the Avignon Festival in 1967, in the courtyard of the palace popes, the Ballet of the twentieth century. The ballet was dedicated to Patrick Belda, killed in… Continue reading Maurice Béjart – Psyché Rock (1967)

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Yume Okano jumping on the beach

Japanese ballerina Yume Okano, a YAGP finalist and currently student at the John Cranko ballet school in Stuttgart, jumping on the beach in Okinawa, Japan. It is her mother who took the amazing photograph! Bonus photos:

David Hallberg at work

Through the bustle of Manhattan’s busy streets, down a nondescript hallway and into American Ballet Theater’s bright NYC studios, one of the world’s preeminent male dancers, David Hallberg, invites us into his fervid world in this dynamic short by director Eric K. Yue. “It’s less about the dance or context of a story, but rather… Continue reading David Hallberg at work

New Chinese dancer in Staatsballett Berlin

Wei Wang is a member of the corps de ballet of the Berlin State Ballet for three weeks. He comes from China, Beijing, and had his dance training at the Beijing Dance Academy Ballet from 1999 to 2006 and then danced for the National Ballet of China. Read more on the official Staatsballett Berlin blog… Continue reading New Chinese dancer in Staatsballett Berlin

World’s First 3D Ballet Broadcast From St. Petersburg

A screen showing Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ is seen through 3D glasses during the world’s first live 3D broadcast of a ballet performance, at the recently opened Mariinsky II Theatre in St. Petersburg June 6, 2013. [Source]

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Swan Lake in concertina form published by Nobrow Press

Based on a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, the images are not only inspired by the dramatic story but also the atmosphere of a working dance venue. Swan Lake is a beautiful concertina book detailing a night at the Ballet. Illustrated by Californian artist Ping Zhu, we see the pristine theatre, audience and performance on… Continue reading Swan Lake in concertina form published by Nobrow Press

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