Ballets Russes – A moderated ballet concert


The Russian group of artists of the Ballets Russes toured in the early 20th Century Western art capitals in order to impress an entire generation and set the art world on its head. Around the impresario Serge Diaghilev gathered not only dancers and innovative theater people, but also visual artists and composers. For tours of the Ballets Russes created works – have found their way into the concert repertoire – mostly intended for a dance implementation. In Concert Film Orchestra Babelsberg some of the most famous compositions are on the program. Vladimir Malakhov is master of ceremonies and presents soloists and corps de ballet of the Berlin State Ballet, which convert some of the works of dance. Ticket sales available at the cash register at the Konzerthaus Berlin. [Source]

Berlin Konzerthaus

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 – 20:00.
Thursday, February, 21, 2013 – 20:00.


Musik von Igor Strawinsky, Auszug
Choreographie in der Tradition von Michail Fokin
Vladimir Malakhov

“Le Spectre de la rose”
Musik von Carl Maria von Weber, “Aufforderung zum Tanz” (orchestriert von Hector Berlioz)
Choreographie in der Tradition von Michail Fokin
Iana Salenko – Dinu Tamazlacaru

“L’Après-midi d’un faune”
Musik von Claude Debussy
Choreographie in der Tradiotion von Waslaw Nijinsky
Nadja Saidakova – Vladislav Marinov

“Les Sylphides”
Musik von Frédéric Chopin, Walzer op. 64 Nr. 2(orchestriert von Alexander Glasunow)
Choreographie in der Tradition von Michail Fokin
Shoko Nakamura – Mikhail Kaniskin

Musik von Nikolai Rimski-Korsakow op. 35, Auszüge
Choreographie in der Tradition von Michail Fokin
Elisa Carrillo Cabrera – Ibrahim Önal

“Der sterbende Schwan”
Musik von Camille Saint-Saëns
Choreographie in der Tradition von Michail Fokin
Beatrice Knop

The Bullfighter and the Ballerina

Curtis Wenzel in Minneapolis just tipped us on this wonderful Kickstarter project:

An edition of hand-made books about a ballerina who fell in love with the bullfighter-comedian Cantinflas in Mexico City. “El Toreador y La Bailarina” is a hand-typed, hand-built, hand-bound love story. It’s an artist’s book about the romance between my ballerina mother and the Mexican actor, bullfighter and comedian Cantinflas in Mexico City, 1941.

Read more about the project on Kickstarter here.


Tamara Platonovna Karsavina (1885-1978)


Tamara Karsavina, one of the greatest dancers of the Ballets Russes of Serge Diaghilev was born in St. Petersburg on March 10, 1885, the daughter of dancer Platon Karsavin. Tamara became a legend in her own life time. Her technical perfection, wit, rare intelligence, and deep feeling made her a prima ballerina for all times.

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