Interview with Yumeko Ide


In a new series, we will make mini interviews with ballet dancers from around the world. The first part is with young, Japanese ballet dancers. In the coming weeks, we will feature other ballet dancers from all over the world. Each ballet dancer will pass the interview to the next one in a relay.

Today, we talk to Japanese ballerina Yumeko Ide, who is currently in Russia.

You may already know Yumeko, since we have featured her before as a tired ballerina and a girl reading Goethe in the window!

Hi Yumeko, how are you? Where in Japan are you from and where are you now? And are you studying or with a company now?

I’m from the city of Fukuoka in Japan . And I’m in Russia now, I am studying and working at the Buryat State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. It’s located in Ulan-Ude, which is the capital city of the Republic of Buryatia.

Which is your favourite ballet to dance?

My favorite ballet to perform is ‘Don Quixote’, third act, the Kirti variation.

Who is your favourite ballerina?

My favorite ballerina is Shoko Nakamura.

What is your favourite Russian food and what is your favourite Japanese food?

My favorite Russian food is каша. (It is like oatmeal ), and my favorite Japanese food is Yakiniku and Tofu.



Please tell us three things about life in Russia that is different from Japan!

In Russia, the winter is very cold. But they have very beautiful buildings. I especially think the churches here are very beautiful. This is the Odigitrievsky Cathedral in Ulan Ude.


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