Nacho Duato – Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness (1999)


The choreography “Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness” by Nacho Duato, was devised in 1999 in collaboration with the city of Weimar, which at that time was the European Capital of Culture. The ballet is dedicated to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach and consists of two parts.

The first part, “Multiplicity”, is a choreographic reflection on the music of this outstanding composer. This first part is dominated by a wide array of choreographic variations, which result from the different compositions chosen for this part of the ballet. Ever-changing costumes and sceneries further highlight the musical collage.

In contrast, the second part, “Forms of Silence and Emptiness”, is based on mystical and rather spiritual music. It reflects the deathly atmosphere that for Nacho Duato seems to be inseparably linked with Bach’s music.

This homage to Johann Sebastian Bach can be seen at the Komische Oper Berlin from 14 March 2015 onwards.

horeography and Production: Nacho Duato
Sets: Jaffar Chalabi (based on an idea by Nacho Duato)
Costumes: Nacho Duato (in collaboration with Ismael Aznar)
Light Design: Brad Fields
Music (recorded): Johann Sebastian Bach (Collage)
Dancing: Soloists and Corps de Ballet of Staatsballett Berlin
With: Polina Semionova

The controversial performance group Signa producing an experimental ballet at the Danish Royal Theatre






We are in the ruins of the Danish Royal Theatre, in a destroyed and fever ravaged Copenhagen. The surviving ballet dancers are held in an endless dance ritual, watched over by self-proclaimed warlords. The time has come to a standstill. It is 7, 17 or 70 years ago that the Earth’s magnetic poles changed, no survivors are able to remember clearly. Everything is broken; houses, roads and memories about the world as it once was. Every evening the city’s last inhabitants flock to the theatre to be moved by the dancers – the only ones who seem not to succumb to the terrible fever, whose victims are gripped by violent convulsions and blind rage. The dancers live in the heart of the theatre and dance till they drop in a dirty arena surrounded by small units where they huddle together on dirty mattresses when they are granted sleep. In these makeshift homes they receive their audience. The force of the dancers is the only hope of survival, their steps contain the remains of the lost culture. Every night a ballet performance is compiled by handed down fragments – a kind of ritual competition where content and result especially depends on the audience.

Language: English, Danish

Tickets: Please visit The Royal Danish Theatre`s hompage for booking

Dates & Times:
2nd to 17th of May 2015 (except 4th and 11th)
Please visit The Royal Danish Theatre´s hompage for times

4 hours

Place: Tordenskjoldsgade 8, 1055 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Concept & Book: Signa Köstler
Direction: Signa & Arthur Köstler
Set & Costume Design: Signa Köstler with Julia Bahn
Sound Design: Arthur Köstler
Production: The Royal Danish Ballet/Corpus and SIGNA

Dancers: (in alphabetical order)
Alexander Wittrup Staeger
Amalie Adrian
Birgitta Lawrence
Bryant Steenstra
Byron Mildwater
Carling Talcott
Cedric Lambrette
Christian Hammeken
Elisabeth Cordius Dam
Emma Håkansson
Esther Lee Wilkinson
Femke Mølbach Slot
Kizzy Matiakis
Louise Østergaard
Marcin Kupinski
Morten Eggert
Stephanie Sahlgren
Tim Matiakis
Viktoria Hyldebrandt Falck-Schmidt

Actors: (in alphabetical order)
Arthur Köstler
Camilla Lønbirk
Diana Tørsløv Møller
Jonas Preben Jørgensen
Julia Bahn
Louisa Aisin
Madeleine Kate McGowan
Maria Ulrika Schneider
Merethe Bahn
Momo Subotic
Nana Senderovitz
Nana-Francisca Schottländer
Olivia Schrøder
Rasmus Balling Larsen
Signa Köstler
Stig Eivind Vatne
Therese Mastek
Ursula Hessner Marcussen
Victor Malmberg
Supporting Cast: (in alphabetical order)
Allie Sofie Svendsen Alm
Marie Mark
Rhoda Thing
Thomas Mieth
Set Design Assistant: Kristine Thorp, Marie Mark
Photography: Erich Goldmann, Arthur Köstler

Brandon Davis
Brandon Steenstra
Rhoda Thing

Here are the YAGP 2015 winners


Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals pre – competitive men:

3rd Place David Perez En Pro del Talento Veracruzano, MEXICO
2nd Place Brady Farrar Stars Dance Studio, FL, USA
1st Place Itsuku Masuda K.Classic Ballet Studio, JAPAN

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals pre – competitive women:

3rd Place Avery Gay Master Ballet Academy, AZ, USA
2nd Place Tate McRae YYC Dance Project, CANADA
1st Place Satya Tranfield Charleston Ballet Theatre Center for Dance Education, SC, USA

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals Junior men:

3rd Place Ryu Bautista The McDonald College of Performing Arts, AUSTRALIA
2nd Place Yago Guerra Bale Jovem de Sao Vicente, BRAZIL
1st Place Liam Boswell Next Generation Ballet at the Patel Conservatory, FL ,USA

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals Junior women:

3rd Place Yeojin Shim Yewon School, REPUBLIC OF KOREA
2nd Place Kotomi Yamada Yamada Chie Sunny Ballet School, JAPAN
1st Place Juliette Bosco Ellison Ballet – Professional Training Program, NY, USA
1st Place Maggie Chadbourne Orlando Ballet School, CA, USA

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals Junior age division Youth Grand Prix Award:

Shin-Yong Kim Sunhwa Arts Middle/High School, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals Senior men:

3rd Place Lang Ma The Washington School of Ballet, USA
2nd Place Austen Acevedo Orlando Ballet School, FL, USA
1st Place Shogo Hayami John Cranko School Stuttgart Ballet, GERMANY [PHOTO]

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals Senior women:

3rd Place Bianca Scudamore Classical Coaching Australia, AUSTRALIA
2nd Place Rio Anderson City Ballet School of San Francisco, CA, USA
1st Place Yu Kurihara Ikuko Watanabe Ballet Studio, JAPAN

Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 New York Finals Hope Award:

Antonio Casalinho Annarella Academia de Ballet e Dança, PORTUGAL