Nacho Duato – Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness (1999)


The choreography “Multiplicity. Forms of Silence and Emptiness” by Nacho Duato, was devised in 1999 in collaboration with the city of Weimar, which at that time was the European Capital of Culture. The ballet is dedicated to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach and consists of two parts.

The first part, “Multiplicity”, is a choreographic reflection on the music of this outstanding composer. This first part is dominated by a wide array of choreographic variations, which result from the different compositions chosen for this part of the ballet. Ever-changing costumes and sceneries further highlight the musical collage.

In contrast, the second part, “Forms of Silence and Emptiness”, is based on mystical and rather spiritual music. It reflects the deathly atmosphere that for Nacho Duato seems to be inseparably linked with Bach’s music.

This homage to Johann Sebastian Bach can be seen at the Komische Oper Berlin from 14 March 2015 onwards.

horeography and Production: Nacho Duato
Sets: Jaffar Chalabi (based on an idea by Nacho Duato)
Costumes: Nacho Duato (in collaboration with Ismael Aznar)
Light Design: Brad Fields
Music (recorded): Johann Sebastian Bach (Collage)
Dancing: Soloists and Corps de Ballet of Staatsballett Berlin
With: Polina Semionova

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