Maurice Béjart – Psyché Rock (1967)

Mass for the present time is a suite of dances composed by Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier, custom Maurice Béjart for his choreography of the same name, at the Avignon Festival in 1967, in the courtyard of the palace popes, the Ballet of the twentieth century. The ballet was dedicated to Patrick Belda, killed in a car accident while rehearsals began.

Psyche Rock is a piece created in 1967 by Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier (this is a director of film music), which is part of the suite of dances Mass for the present time. This is undoubtedly the best-known title of this work. It is also interpreted by Ypersound and consists of bells, drums, zithers, pipa (a traditional Chinese instrument) and electronic music. It is part of the musical movement of musique concrete and more generally in the movement of industrial music with a traditional method of prophetic message, critical and esoteric its own. It is loosely based, the rhythmic level, on the song Louie Louie, written by Richard Berry. This piece has the distinction of being read backwards without significant change in the music. [Google Translate from French Wikipedia]


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