Disportrait – a documentary about Nacho Duato


After two decades as artistic director of Compañía Nacional de Danza in Madrid, and after having turned the dance company into one of the most renowned and successful in the world, the Spanish dance icon Nacho Duato is suddenly fired. The dismissal sends shock waves through the dance world, and is followed by rumours of jealousy, political pressure and dirty (power) games. Duato himself is devastated, but has no plans to return as a professional dancer on Spanish soil – ever. Driven by his incessant need to create and pursue his art form, he is drawn to St. Petersburg, where he assumes the Herculean task of modernising a very traditionally oriented Russian ballet troupe, even if his new life also means that he is thrown into social and cultural isolation.

“On the other hand, it’s better that they say “Maestro” than tell me to fuck off” – Nacho Duato.


Year: 2014
Production: Barok Film
Editor: Nanna Frank Møller
Script: Ulrik Wivel, Alejandro Alvarez
Music: NA
Dialogue: Spanish, Russian, English
Director: Ulrik Wivel, Alejandro Alvarez
Runtime: 52 Minutes
Camera: Ulrik Wivel
Country: Denmark
Producer: Ulrik Wivel, Alejandro Alvarez, Talal Al-Muhanna, Katrin Pors
Sound: Carlos Garcia
Original Title: Disportrait
With English Subtitles

Categorized as Video

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