Ratmansky | Welch Choreographies by Alexei Ratmansky and Stanton Welch


Alexei Ratmansky, a long-time colleague of Vladimir Malakhov, worked for many years at the Bolshoi Ballet as a dancer, choreographer, and ballet director. Now living in the USA, he enjoys substantial international success as a choreographer.

He is entrusting the Staatsballett Berlin with his playful ballet divertissement NAMOUNA, which premièred at the New York City Ballet in 2010. It is based on excerpts from the evening-long ballet composition of the same name by the Frenchman Édouard Lalo, who premièred the piece in 1882 in Paris.

The second part of the evening is provided by CLEAR, a piece by Stanton Welch. He created his dance interpretations of two works by Johann Sebastian Bach for the American Ballet Theatre in 2010, thus giving expression to the clarity of Bach’s musical language.

Musik von Johann Sebastian Bach

Choreographie: Stanton Welch
Kostüme: Michael Kors für Cèline
Licht: Lisa Pinkham
Musikalische Leitung: Paul Connelly

Deutsche Erstaufführung | Musik von Édouard Lalo

Choreographie: Alexei Ratmansky
Kostüme: Rustam Khamdanov | Marc Happel
Licht: Mark Stanley


Further Events:
22 | 26 | 30 March 2014
04 | 05 | 08 | 21 April 2014

Choreography by: Stanton Welch
Choreography by: Alexei Ratmansky

2:00 h | 1 intermission



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