Berlin Ballet University: Exotic, oriental and dance


Today’s theme night is dedicated to the attraction of the unfamiliar in a double sense – as attracting foreign clothes and as a fascination with the exotic. Eike Wittrock deals with the represented through dance and dress oriental exoticism in “Shéhérazade” and the dancer Sent M’ahesa. Mariama Diagne makes it familiar with a reverse exoticism and provides “Creole Giselle” – a ballet that was created in the 1970s for colored ballerinas and Giselle and the Wilis set in white tutus on the Mississippi River from Louisiana.


Venue: Berlin State Ballet, Foyer de la danse
Meeting point: 18:45 clock, Deutsche Opera Berlin, the ticket lobby, Bismarck Strasse 35, 10627 Berlin.

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